To place an order, please call (512) 666-7437
We DO NOT confirm orders via email.

Item Minimum Notice Deposit Required
Cakes 48 hours notice required 50%
Cupcakes, Daily Flavors 24 hours notice required 50%
Cupcakes, Rotating Flavors 48 hours notice required 50%
Pastries 48 hours notice required 50%
Custom/Tiered Cakes 7 days notice required 50%

Walk-In Policy: In order to preserve the quality of our products and reduce waste, we bake fresh daily and are only able to make limited quantities of certain items each day. In attempt to be considerate to as many customers as possible, we have set walk-in limits. To avoid disappointments, you may place orders in advance with 48 hours minimum notice for any quantity to ensure you get what you want!

Limits: Walk-in customers can purchase a maximum of 12 cupcakes, 6 maximum of a single flavor PER PARTY. Walk-ins may purchase up to 6 kolaches total, PER PARTY. For larger orders, please call 48 hours in advance to order.

Notice Requirements: Daily cupcake flavors can be ordered 24 hours in advance, minimum. We REQUIRE at least 48 hours notice and a 50% deposit on all other orders.

Deposits are fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to pick-up date; Cancellations within 48 hours of pick-up will result in no refund on cancellation.

No Call / No Show orders will be charged the remaining balance (if applicable) on closing, the date of pick up; Capital City Bakery is not liable to save, replace, or refund your order after closing the date of pick up. An extra fee may apply for holding orders past the scheduled date.

♥ For Tiered Cakes or Custom Decorating (images, drawings, etc), more notice may be required. Please call 512.666.7437 or email Eat@CapitalCityBakery.com with questions.